I began drawing Celtic knots in the early 2000s after coming across wonderful books by George Bain and Aidan Meehan and being inspired to try my hand at this ancient artform. Over the years I have also incorporated sacred geometry and nature themes into these illustrations, creating a unique Celtic knotwork style of my own.

My desire is to keep alive the geometric skills and intricate work of the stonemasons and scribes that form our insular Celtic and Pictish knotwork heritage and to create a new style that is unique to me. I also enjoy passing on these skills to others through my classes.

My Celtic knotwork pieces are created on hot press watercolour paper. The design is hand drawn in pencil. If I would like to create a bolder effect, these pencil lines are redrawn in ink. Colour is added with watercolour pencils and often gold acrylic paint is added to create a rich effect.

My hand drawn pieces are currently only available as original pieces of artwork, although I may consider creating high quality, limited edition prints of them in the future. If you are interested in buying any of these original pieces of art, or would like to register interest in future limited edition prints please contact me.

Some of my less intricate Celtic knot pieces are available asĀ greetings cards.