Hi, I’m Carrie, Celtic knot artist and printmaker.

I work from my studio in Derwentside, County Durham in north east England. I create lino prints of local landscapes, architecture and nature and original hand drawn Celtic knotwork. I also love to teach these skills (and more!) to others – find out more at www.craftsforwellbeing.co.uk

Read more about my printmaking practice

Read more about my Celtic Knotwork practice

I have also created three colouring books for all of you adult colouring enthusiasts out there!


Originally from the Lancastrian coast, I have moved many times and finally settled in County Durham, north east England, in 1998.

I trained as a graphic designer at a publishing firm in Leicester in the early 1990s. Everything was done on a Compugraphic typesetter machine then, with scalpels and plenty of spray adhesive. I completed a BA (Hons) degree in Germanic Studies in the mid-1990s, which involved a wonderful year living in north eastern Germany, in the former DDR region, on the Baltic coast. After leaving the publishing industry I worked in the art and craft industry for a decade until becoming self-employed in 2011.

Throughout this time I have always been drawing, printmaking and creating. As well as my professional practices of Celtic knot drawing and lino printing, as hobbies I also enjoy various textile crafts, including knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving and bargello embroidery. I teach many different crafts too.

I live with my wonderful partner, who is also a Celtic knot artist, and we spend our spare time renovating our house and working in our allotment – and enjoying the produce from it, of course!